Michele Lai

Legal Areas :

Studio lai in inglese - Firenze - Avv. Michele Lai
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Civil Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Debt Recovery
  • Taxation Law
  • Employment Law


The Lai Law Firm was founded by the lawyer Michele Lai in 1999. He graduated from the University of Florence and consolidated his skills in the Administrative Law area as a practitioner at the Lessona law firm in the same city. Admitted to the Ordine degli Avvocati (Italian BAR Association) of Florence in 1995, Mr. Lai opened his own firm in 1997 and since 2000 has been conducting his activity in connection with a new Associated Firm in Parma with the Lawyers Emanuela De Roma and Giuliana Savoldi.


In 2011 he qualified as a Pleader in the Cassazione Court .From the beginning of his career he has been specialized in legal assistance to artists, particularly concerning Author’s Rights and Interpreters - Performers Rights, with the help of a precise and personal competence acquired through the degree in Piano at Luigi Cherubini Conservatoire in Florence and by collaboration with the main Italian Theaters and Musical Associations.


He also specialized in the Real Estate sector as a result of an extensive relationship with the UPPI Association (Small Rented - Property Owners Union) as a legal advisor of UPPI-Florence and as the President of UPPI - Parma. Mr. Lai is a Civil and Administrative Lawyer in Urban Planning and Pharmaceutical Right sectors.


He carried out didactic activity in the area of Entertainment Law at Bicocca University (Milano), Cesena Conservatoire, Castelfranco Veneto Conservatoire. Throughout his career he has performed work duties in both the English and Italian languages.

The Parma legal practice

The Parma practice was opened in 2001 by Michele Lai and Sabrina Orlandini, and springing from their professional sodality was born the work that resulted in the publication of "I professionisti del Melodramma" Giuffrè Editore.Thus, from the very beginning the activity of the practice has been focused on assistance to professional musicians and the defence of copyrights.


The practice however has also become the focal point for a large number of leading commercial and industrial companies in the area. Since 2009, Ms Orlandini has taken over the running of the practice with Michele Lai, Giuliana Savoldi and Emmanuela De Roma. The practice has an agreement with the UPPI (Real Estate Owners Union) in Parma.


The Florence legal practice


Michele Lai opened his legal practice in Florence in 1997 and immediately established those professional features which have characterized his professional activity: specialization, professionalism, receptiveness and dynamism. The Florentine practice is predominantly concerned with Civil Law but it also specializes in Real Estate Law; it has established a solid consultancy relationship with the UPPI (Real Estate Owners Union) Association in Florence.


As well as this, due to the professional formation of Michele Lai in the field of Administration Law, the practice is involved in contentious procedures in front of Administrative Judges in the fields of Town and Municipal Planning and Pharmaceutical Law. For a number of years the practice has been working on fiscal cases, especially those concerning TIA/TARSU (Environmental Hygiene Tax/Household Refuse Tax) and ICI (Local Council Property Tax) now, IMU (Local Property Tax).


Stemming from a personal passion, that of music, Mr Lai was a keen pianist in his youth, the practice has developed a specific and exclusive competence in the branches of the law and legislation of live performance and copyright. It has assisted an international clientele with the major theatrical production entities in Italy.


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